Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Nexus Difference: Part 5 - Luxurious & Comfortable WIDE Lanes


You may have noticed in the previously posted pictures that the lanes at Nexus Shooting appeared significantly wider than the "standard" lanes found at most indoor shooting ranges.  Next time you are shooting elsewhere, we challenge you to measure how much space you are given.  Most indoor ranges in South Florida have lanes which are a paltry 3 feet wide.  This is barely enough room for one person and their gear.  Trying to squeeze two people into these narrow stalls is not only uncomfortable, but inherently unsafe as well.  Multiple people handling guns in a tightly enclosed space is a recipe for disaster.  Bags and gear are strewn about the floor outside of the stalls and pose tripping hazards.   Instructors must stand uncomfortably close, looking over the shoulders of their students and invading their personal space.  Obviously, the more people a range can pack in, the more money they are making, so it is contrary to their interests to provide adequate space.


At Nexus Shooting, most of our stalls are FIVE FEET WIDE, providing the ultimate in luxury!  Two adults can comfortably fit into a single stall.  Giving everybody plenty of elbow room decreases the likelihood of accidents.

The increased space enhances everyone's safety by allowing bags to be kept within your individual stall and out of the way of other patrons.  You can easily keep an eye on your gear inside of your stall instead of placing it behind you or against the back wall, increasing security.

Instructors will easily be able to see what their students are doing and can quickly correct their technique.  The increased space also gives instructors the ability to safely control inexperienced shooters.  Reaching around or over your student's shoulders in a standard narrow 3 foot lane is not optimal.  In our five foot wide lanes, you can stand side by side where the student's gun is easily accessible and controlled.  Students will be able to view demonstrations in an unobstructed manner.  This makes for a much more pleasant learning environment and experience and allows students to learn at a much more rapid pace.

Ladies, you now have plenty of space to learn without worrying about less than savory individuals hovering over you and getting "too close for comfort".  You are there to learn proper shooting technique, not what brand of aftershave or deodorant your instructor is wearing (or not wearing!)

Nexus Shooting's wide lanes also decreases the chance of crossfire where other patrons accidentally shoot your target.

The wide stalls allow for an increased dimension to your training by providing enough width for a couple of steps to the left or right.  One common theme with any sort of practical, realistic, or tactical training is that even just a single sidestep at the initiation of a confrontation will significantly increase your odds of survival by taking you off of the preset axis of your assailant.  Do you want to stand still or move if your life is in danger?  How you train is how you will perform.  Training with your feet rooted to the ground makes you an easy target.  Train the right way at Nexus Shooting!

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