Saturday, December 1, 2012

See our range equipment being built!

We recently took a visit to the Action Target factory to watch the production of our range equipment.  Action Target just recently moved into this new facility.  It is modern, clean, and a model of efficiency.  It was really impressive to watch the assembly line deal with the ballistic steel.

The curved pieces of steel in the picture below form part of the deceleration chamber.  The kinetic energy of the bullet is safely absorbed as it swirls multiple times in the chamber and eventually slows down enough to safely drop into the collection trough.

These are the large "screw augers" which automatically move the spent lead from one end of the trap to the other.  Eventually, the lead is deposited into barrels for collection by the metal recyclers.

Action Target has a patent on the formula for their proprietary steel, AR550, which is rated to a Brinell harndess of 550 (most ballistic steel is rated at 250-500).  Due to the extreme hardness of the steel, a robotic plasma cutter was needed to make the intricate pieces of the traps, deceleration chambers, and steel targets.

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