Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Construction Update #4: Quick peek at our ventilation system

Here are a couple of quick pictures of the ventilation system.   The first picture is only one of the TWELVE units required for cooling and ventilation of the range being installed on the roof.  These units require a semi-truck to deliver and a huge crane to install.  As you can tell by the size of this monster, we aren't messing around when it comes to having the best cooling and ventilation possible!  Also, check out the massive ventilation ducting for one of the ranges!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Construction Update #3

The build is moving along at a rapid pace.  Our partners, Action Target and Carey's Ventilation, who are outfitting the range have done hundreds of ranges throughout the nation, and both have stated that they've never seen a range built so quickly, especially one that is so intricately detailed.

The steel framework for the front facade is in place, and now the beautiful angled architectural lines of our building are clearly evident.  Our massive skylight will fill the retail area with natural light and give it an open and spacious feel!  We won't be just another plain and dark rectangular box building, warehouse, or strip mall range!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nexus Shooting is seeking a diversified staff!

We would encourage members of all ethnic groups, all ages, and both genders to apply for positions at Nexus.  We feel that in order to provide the highest level of service to our customers, a staff with varied life experience will best help us gain insight into the needs of our patrons.  Nexus Shooting wants to break the mold of the testosterone-fueled-alpha-male machismo atmosphere of most gun stores with a friendly, professional, and diversified staff.  We have already extended job offers to members of four different ethnic backgrounds and a nearly equal number of males and females.  So, for anyone concerned about the prototypical staff seen at most gun shops, we would assure you that your future colleagues and work environment at Nexus will be far superior to what you've seen and encourage you to apply today!  Details on the application process can be found here:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nexus Shooting is now hiring! Apply today!

Are you interested in joining Nexus Shooting?  We are looking for enthusiastic, clean cut, friendly, and energetic team players to help us bring our vision into reality.  If you DON'T have the typical "I know more about guns than you and you are not worth my time!" attitude that seems to be the norm at most gun shops, then you'll fit right in!   NO prior firearm experience is necessary. 

Nexus Shooting is bringing the future of indoor range shooting and firearms retail to Davie, Florida.  With 40 lanes available in traditional or electronic targeting systems, reactive and moving targets, an advanced air-conditioned ventilation system, run and gun, and private bays, Nexus will provide an unequaled state of the art range and retail facility.

Positions currently available include (see descriptions below):
- Sales
Range Safety Officers
- Greeters
- Gunsmith

All employees will be expected to provide the highest level of customer service, assist in the daily operations of the range, follow Nexus policies and priorities, and be able to work in cooperation with other employees.  Employees will also be expected to become familiar with federal, state, and local firearms laws, and take a quiz as part of the interview and selection process.  No prior firearm knowledge is necessary as regular training classes throughout the year as well as a one month intensive pre-opening course will be provided.  Employees may be required to undergo random drug testing. 

To apply, please click this link to fill out the online application and upload your resume at the bottom of the application form:

Questions can be directed to or calling (954) 587-8005.


Primary Responsibilities - Assist customers in sales of firearms and with accurate knowledge of current firearms law in firearms and accessories sales.  Become familiar with range equipment such as the customer kiosk, lane selection interface, and electronic targeting system.  Be proficient in handling refunds, consignment transactions, rentals, and firearms.  Stay up to date on product information and firearm law.  Ensure compliance of firearms transactions with federal, state, and local laws.

Pay/Benefits - $11/hour initial pay increasing up to $15/hour based on time, experience, and proficiency plus profit sharing.  A health insurance plan will be available.  Employee discounts provided.

Range Safety Officer

Primary Responsibilities - Ensure that customers are shooting in a safe manner and in accordance with range policies.  Perform daily maintenance and cleaning of the range.  Assist customers with firearms malfunctions and range equipment. Ensure that all shooters are adults or minors accompanied by a parent/guardian. Ensure that ammunition sales are made to adults or minors accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Accomplish these tasks both on foot throughout the range and at the central monitoring station.

Pay/Benefits- $9/hour base pay increasing up to $12/hour based on time, proficiency, and experience plus profit sharing.  A health insurance plan will be available.  Employee discounts provided.


Primary Responsibilities - Greet customers entering the premises. Inform new customers of membership options, range policies, and direct them to the appropriate location.

Pay/Benefits- $9/hour base pay increasing up to $12/hour based on time, proficiency, and experience plus profit sharing.  A health insurance plan will be available.  Employee discounts provided.


Primary Responsibilities - Provide basic gunsmithing services including, but not limited to, installing and adjusting sights, cleaning, NFA engraving, basic diagnosis and repairs, after-market customizations, and preventative maintenance of range rental guns.  Be knowledgeable and meticulously detailed in proper intake, modification, and release of firearms in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws.  Prior experience is a must.  Gunsmithing degree or certification is a must.

Pay/Benefits -$12/hour initial pay increasing up to $18/hour based on time, experience, and proficiency plus profit sharing.  A health insurance plan will be available.  Employee discounts provided.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Nexus Shooting Difference - Part 2 - Bullet Traps

Arguably, the single most important piece of safety equipment on a shooting range is the bullet trap.  A properly constructed trap is vital to prevent bullets exiting the range and harming people and property outside of the range.  But, an often overlooked aspect that is equally as important, it that it must capture and prevent ricocheting bullets to prevent harm to the patrons inside of the range.  There are a wide variety of bullet traps in existence including granulated rubber traps, steel funnel traps at each lane, wide open steel funnel traps, or even a dirt berm in a basement.  All of these serve the primary purpose of ensuring that bullets do not exit the range adequately.  But, only one of these is the best at protecting the shooters inside of a range. 

The  steel funnel type of trap at each individual lane seen below is very common at indoor ranges.  Why?  Because it is relatively inexpensive.  The problem with this kind of trap is that the very narrow opening that leads to the bullet deceleration chamber can clog with lead residue over time and eventually these openings can fill up to the point that bullets strike the buildup and ricochet erratically.  Also, the presence of vertical partitions between each trap provides a second area where bullets can and have ricocheted.

Although rubber traps do a very good job of capturing bullets and are very cost effective initially, they are subject to a high degree of maintenance.  These traps can work just fine as long as the are regularly maintained every few weeks to months depending on the volume of shooting.   However, if the rubber traps are not cleaned out frequently, a large pocket of lead can build up in a highly concentrated area.  As the superficial layers of rubber are worn away and this lead ball builds up to the surface of the trap, the likelihood of a bullet striking this large metallic mass increases, as does the chance of dangerous ricochets.

We could have easily equipped our range with one of these less expensive traps; however, just as we spared no expense obtaining the best ventilation system possible to protect our customers' health, we purchased the safest trap available despite the fact that it costs considerably more than these other options.  Thus, we decided to go with Action Target's Total Containment Trap for our rifle lanes.  These are the same traps used at many military and law enforcement installations.  The design of this steel ramp guides bullets into a deceleration chamber with no intervening vertical components present that could cause dangerous ricochets.   This trap is not subject to the same maintenance requirements as rubber traps as the spent lead is automatically and continuously collected into containers by a mechanical auger system.  So, patrons can shoot without worrying about whether the range management is performing the necessary maintenance to ensure safety because for the Total Containment Trap it is being maintained continuously!

In fact it is so safe that shooters involved with tactical training will be permitted to shoot as close as only 1 yard away!  Also, for tactical shooters you can shoot at any angle all the way across the entire width of the range from a single position due to the lack of vertical obstructions.  

Watch the video below to see an officer fire as close as 1 yard away and shoot  an AR-15 at multiple angles!

On the pistol side of the range, we will be utilizing Action Target's flat trap which incorporates an angled metal plate that stops bullets, but we will also have multiple layers of self healing rubber curtain which prevents splatter and ricochets.  When a bullet passes through this rubber material, a 9 mm bullet leaves a hole only the size of a pinhole enabling the curtain to take hundreds of thousands of rounds before needing replacement.  The curtain prevents any backsplatter or ricocheting metallic fragments from reaching the shooter. 

Nexus Shooting is committed to shooter safety and well being.  In the next additions of our Nexus Shooting Difference series, we will continue to detail our plan to create the best possible indoor shooting range environment by covering topics such as sound abatement, innovative safety products, and more.