Friday, December 7, 2012

Construction Update #5: November 2012

Here are some progress pictures from the construction site.  We're about three quarters done with the exterior painting and most of the interior drywall is up.  Even prior to painting, the massive monolithic concrete structure really makes its presence known!

After some paint is applied, the angled architectural elements are really accentuated and the building is brought to life! 

Our monster ventilation system is almost complete.  The ducting is so large that you could probably drive a golf cart through some of it! 

When the building is viewed from a distance, you can really get an idea of how immense and complex our ventilation units are. The roof looks almost like a small city with all of the air conditioning units. This rooftop "city" will keep our ranges cool, clean, and comfortable!

The main retail area is coming together.  With our massive central skylight, the showroom will be well illuminated with plenty of natural light!


  1. does anyone know if there is a membership? also , can we shoot steel targets here?

    1. Yes, there will be memberships available. Reactive steel targets will also be available as well.