Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Bet that Even Your Parents Didn't Protect You This Much!

Here are some of the latest construction pics demonstrating the real life implementation of some of the safety features at Nexus finally being installed.  Are we going a bit overboard with safety?  Most other ranges would say yes, but we don't think so!  Safety is our highest concern and a major priority at Nexus Shooting!  The next time you shoot at another range that makes similar claims, ask which of these safety measures they have in place.

 The purple drywall is a specially designed multilayered acoustic drywall that protects the hearing of customers in the retail and classroom areas.
 These are the safety walls being built on one of our handgun ranges.  Ballistic steel lines ALL of the walls on this range for 360 degree protection!

Diagramatic representation of the specially designed multi-layer safety walls including protection against both hearing damage as well as injury from inadvertent discharges

Here is the real life implementation of the multi-layer safety wall one one of the rifle ranges.  These are the layers that will protect you from high velocity rounds in the neighboring rifle bay.

Rendering of the isolated private shooting bays that will increase everyone's safety!  Bays range in size from 10 feet wide all the way to 50 feet wide to accommodate various sized groups.

Wouldn't you like shooting in one of our private bays?  You can enjoy your time safely on your own, with your kids and family, or with a group of friends!

Ready to install thousands of pounds of ballistic steel!

Ceiling safety baffles being installed.


  1. That would be a very good protection, Strong enough.

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  2. Nice job Dr Bernie.Looking forward to VIp and tactical side opening. AIr quality and sound proofing are AS advertised! In other words, fanatstic.