Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NEXUS LIVE REPORT FROM SHOT SHOW - New Glock 42, Remintgon R51 and rumors of a single stack Glock 9mm!

Here is Glock's new .380 ACP pistol, the Glock 42.  They will be releasing it January 20th, but here is an early preview of it from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  It is nice and small... easily the smallest in Glock's lineup, but still fits comfortably and feels like you can still get a decent grip on it despite the small size.  The integral beavertail seems to help with that a lot.  Check out the picture next to the dollar bill for a size comparison.

Trigger and quality are typical Glock, so for all of you Glock faithful out there it will feel like an old friend.  It is very lightweight and would make a perfect backup gun.

We also heard through the grapevine at SHOT show that a single stack 9mm Glock is in the works for release in the near future.  If that rumor pans out, we think that Glock would have a real winner on their hands.


New for 2014, Remington's subcompact 9mm, which is actually a new updated version of the original Model 51.  It certainly is a looker... with nice rounded smooth edges to prevent any snagging.  The heft feels just right with the aluminum frame.   Other nice details include the undercut trigger guard as well as 25lpi front strap checkering.

 There is no manual safety, but the integral grip safety seems to work very nicely.  Basically, the entire backstrap is the grip safety and there is a nice audible click when engaged.  The trigger felt decent and seemed to travel straight back which is similar in feel to a 1911. The demo model we were holding didn't have the smoothest moving slide, but that may have just been that particular one which had been manhandled by thousands of people that day.  We'll try to handle another one to see if that is a consistent characteristic.  This diminuitive pocket pistol is even rated for +P ammo!  At a MSRP of $389 we anticipate that this is going to be a hot seller!

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