Thursday, May 31, 2012

Future Site of Nexus Shooting range!

Here is the future home of Nexus Shooting! "X" marks the spot! (click on images below for larger view)

We will be conveniently located in Davie, FL, on Davie Rd less than a minute south of I-595, right in the heart of Broward County. Our location will provide for easy access from all of South Florida!

2600 Davie Road
Davie, FL 33314

The site is a...
... 12 minute drive (8 miles) west of Ft. Lauderdale Airport.
... 6 minute drive west from I-95 and I-595
... 4 minute drive from the Florida Turnpike and I-595.


  1. So pumped for this. Excited you got approval. Can't wait to see this place finally materialize.

  2. Drove past davie on 595 today. So much construction. Hopefully done by the time you open.

  3. Agreed. In the end traffic flow all along the 595 corridor should be light years better though so hopefully it's worth the growing pains.

  4. I just recently was told by a friend of mine about an INCREDIBLE new gun range on the works, his exact words on describing it. After reading the plans & seeing the computer picture models, for lack of a better word I was " blown away" as an experience rifle & pistol enthusiast I am always in the need to keep moving up to the next level of my markmanship & the average ranges I see my self going to does not provide the level of shooting I crave & need. After reading your blog & site it was like all my thoughts & shooting needs was finally heard, so I just want to say on behalf of every experience shooter out there "THANK YOU!" For giving me a new place I can call my "go to range"

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support, Kenny! We couldn't agree more, and actually your sentiments are the exact reason why we decided to do this. The shooting industry has been stale and flat as far as ranges go. Innovation has been completely lacking. We hope to change all that with our range!

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