Saturday, August 25, 2012

Refined Renderings of the Retail Space Interior Design

The absolute last thing that we would want to do is the same boring cookie-cutter store that everyone is already familiar with.  If you've seen inside one shooting range and firearms store, you've basically seen all of them.  Everyone has the same crowded and cramped rectangular box shaped store, wood racks, generic glass counters, guns on peg boards, banners of manufacturers on the wall, animal head trophies, etc.

Our vision for a unique shooting experience is clearly evident in the design of our modern eye catching building exterior (see this post from March 6th).  Now, we are applying that same vision to our interior.  Below are a couple of concepts. 

This first one was our attempt at really emphasizing the technology and state of the art characteristics of our range. We were going for a futuristic feeling similar to what you might find at Epcot or on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, but in the end felt that this would be too extreme and probably a bit too sterile.  Click each picture for a larger view.

Below are some of the latest renderings.  These are a lot closer to what the final product will actually be.  Warm, spacious, clean, modern, and inviting but still packed full of technology and innovative ideas.  This is a space you will really feel comfortable in and receive the best service anywhere.  Get ready for a first class shooting experience!



  1. Do you guys plan on renting guns for the range?

    1. Yes, absolutely. We will have a large selection of both handguns and long guns for rent. We strongly feel that one of the most important things somebody can do before buying a gun is actually shooting it first!