Saturday, August 3, 2013

Youth Shooting Class with Gabby Franco, Sunday, August 11th, 10am. Sign Up Now!

Gabby Franco started shooting as a little 11 year old girl. That early experience sparked her interest in shooting and has enabled her to achieve some of the highest accolades as a professional shooter. She has received multiple Silver and Gold Medals in international competitions such as the South American Games, Pan American Games, and Bolivarian Games. She has even competed at the highest levels in the Olympics and World Cup as well. Gabby was the strongest female competitor ever on History Channel's Top Shot reality television program and was invited back to be a contestant on Top Shot's All Stars season as well. Reaching out to youth and passing on her experiences as a young shooter to the next generation is a strong passion for Gabby. Having taught many kids to date and participating in NRA youth programs, she has a unique combination of a nurturing and caring personality, experience with kids, and the knowledge, drive, and wisdom of a competing professional shooter. The class lasts approximately two hours and starts with a classroom session emphasizing safety, then progresses to proper shooting technique utilizing dry fire and foam pellet guns, and finally onto the range for live fire with a .22 rifle. A parent is required to be present at all times during the class as well as the range session. The fee is $89 and includes the range use fee, eye/ear protection, targets, firearm rental, and ammunition. Come and have your child trained by one of the best in the world! Sign up, firearm rental, and ammunition purchase must be done by the parent as required by law. Children must be 10 years of age or older. Space is limited to just 4 students per class to ensure a highly personalized experience and safety. A reservation is required. Please call (954) 587-8005 to sign up today!


  1. Would love to do this but can't that day. Please schedule another one in the future.

    1. Warren, we have another one scheduled for Saturday 11/16/13 at 3pm. If you'd like to reserve a spot please call (954) 587-8005. There are only 2 more spots available. Thank you.