Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Nexus Difference: Part 6 - Even More Range Safety Features!

Believe it or not, besides all of the innovative safety features that we've implemented and discussed thus far, there is still more to come.  Here is yet another example.

At a standard range, the picture below is pretty much what you can expect.  Hot spent brass casings are strewn all over the floor around your feet, creating not just an unsightly mess, but also a potential slip hazard!  If you've ever stepped on these brass casings, you know that it feels like being on a ball bearings or roller skates.  Holding a loaded firearm while slipping on these casings is a recipe for disaster!  Range safety officers usually spend their time sweeping up these brass casings to help reduce this risk, but doing so actually decreases safety even further because they are distracted while sweeping and are watching the floor instead of doing their job and watching the firing line!

At Nexus Shooting, we have solved this problem by using specially designed custom fiberglass grates which allow the brass casings to fall harmlessly into collection troughs beneath your feet.  This not only maintains a clean and tidy floor but also provides a textured surface to reduce slipping.  An added benefit is a slight "give" to the flooring which provides an anti-fatigue effect (similar to rubber mats) allowing you to shoot for hours on end comfortably.

Our Range Safety Officers can now perform their intended function and provide 100% of their attention to carefully monitoring the firing line to help ensure your safety rather than being distracted with sweeping up brass.  For those of you who wish to keep your brass, we welcome you to do so and have trays designed to cover up your individual lane that will accumulate your own spent brass for you to take home.

On a related note, every single one of our Range Safety Officers has completed the official National Rifle Association (NRA) Range Safety Officer course!  When it comes to your safety, no detail is overlooked at Nexus!

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