Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome to the Nexus Shooting Blog!

Welcome to the Nexus Shooting Blog!  We'll be posting periodic status updates for  the progress of our brand new indoor shooting range located in the heart of South Florida. 

Check out our website and register for our e-mail list at:  http://www.nexusshooting.com


... THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED, multi-million dollar indoor shooting facility around!  Nexus Shooting Range will be all new construction built from the ground up.  Experience realistic, practical, fun, and engaging practice with our  computerized and moving targets.

... THE BEST VENTILATION SYSTEM available!  You will no longer have to endure the hot, humid, smoke-filled air you've been breathing in those other indoor ranges!  We will provide precision temperature controlled comfort regardless of how brutal the outside Florida heat and humidity is!

... RENTALS OF ENCLOSED BAYS so that you can do private sessions, group sessions, low-light training, shooting on the move, training behind cover, etc.

... RELAXED SHOOTING RULES.  You will finally be able to train the way you've always wanted and needed to! We will work hard to ensure a safe environment for all shooters while allowing more experienced shooters the flexibility they need in training.
       - Rapid fire? OK!
       - Holster draws? NO PROBLEM!
       - Prone and other non-standing positions? YES!
       - Shoot your own ammo?  ABSOLUTELY!  

... SHORT WAIT TIMES!  We will have more lanes than any other indoor
range around!

... EASY ACCESS to your new favorite range from anywhere in South Florida.
 Nexus Shooting will be located minutes off of I-95, I-595, and the
Florida Turnpike in the heart of South Florida, allowing for quick access.

... A WARM WELCOME to ALL shooters regardless of experience level.
Specialized first-time shooter and women's training packages will be
offered.  Concealed carry license classes, tactical training, competition
training, and law enforcement training are planned.

... THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE of any range ANYWHERE!  Are you tired of the condescending, rude, "I know more about guns than you" attitude that
unfortunately seems to be the norm at most gun shops?  Our staff will be
friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and happy to have you at our

... THE NEXT EVOLUTION of indoor shooting experience at Nexus Shooting!



  1. The 3d renedering of the range looks amazing. In about a yr it looks like we will experiencing an amazing range with great accomodations. What city will it be located in?

  2. Thanks for the kind words. We will release the exact location very soon (probably in the next week or two). The plans are in the final stage of review, and once approved, we will be making an announcement with all the details... so, stay tuned!

  3. You posting are wonderful and informative.

    1. Thank you! Glad to see that people are benefiting from the knowledge that we've gained along the way!